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Radon in Water

Well Water Mitigation


Radon in water is the leading cause of stomach cancer.  Water aeration is considered by the U.S. EPA to be the best available technology for removing radon from well water. Aeration reduces the amount of radon that enters the home's water by separating the radon gas from the well water, then venting the radon gas and other contaminants safely above the roofline. We can treat your water with the latest AIRaider™ radon removal system.  The AIRaider™ is affordable and up to 99% effective in removing Radon from your water system.

What is Radon?
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Radon in Air
Radon in Water
The uninstalled self contained AIRaider from First Choice R & R.
AIRaider working removing the Radon from the water. (only to be used with lid in place!)
This bypass valve in-place allows the unit to be serviced and still have water in the home.
This is the AIRaider completely installed and self contained.
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