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Radon in Air

Radon Mitigation


We install sub-slab depressurization (SSD) systems in basement and slab built homes.  In addition, we install sub-membrane depressurization (SMD) systems in crawl space homes. Installation of these systems requires the establishment of suction points (either inside the home or through the footing) under the slab and connection of an exhaust pipe from the suction point to the radon fan.  The exhaust pipe is extended over the eave of the roof to the atmosphere.  If installations of the SSD or SMD systems are not feasible, we install a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) or an air recovery system (ARS).  Our post mitigation average is 0.7 pci/L, well below the 3.9 EPA action level.  We complete all electrical work and perform post mitigation tests at the time of system installation.



Real Estate Transaction Radon Testing & Mitigation


Prompt Estimates: When a Realtor calls us for an estimate, we will make sure an accurate and concise estimate is prepared and delivered promptly. We realize the importance of timely real estate closings and work with Realtors to meet the needs of homebuyers and sellers. When you tell us you have a closing tomorrow and need the house mitigated, we simply say "what is the address and does anyone live there right now."


Payment can be made at closing with no money up front!



Radon Testing


We conduct indoor radon test using either a Femto-TECH, INC. model CRM-510LP continuous radon monitor, or a Radonaway continuous radon monitor. These monitors measure the radon level hourly, as well as the barometric pressure, air temperature, and humidity.   These features allow us to diagnose your home’s radon issue to be sure that a mitigation system is necessary.


We test Radon in Water using AccuStar Labs water testing kit or a Rad 7 water sampler. Note: water can cause high levels of radon in your air.



Radon Testing and Mitigation for Home Builders, Apartment Owners and Developers


We deal with hundreds of builders to make the new homes they build Radon Resistant. This technique is called Radon Resistant New Construction or RRNC.  We are North Carolina’s leading RRNC Company and have installed thousands of radon resistant new construction systems.


We are the East Coast’s leading apartment building radon mitigators.  We work with your management company to minimize any inconvenience to your tenants.  Many of these systems can be completely installed from the outside of the building with no intrusion inside the units.



Sealed and Conditioned Crawl Spaces 


We seal your crawl space with 20 mil radon vapor barrier.  All joints are sealed with ravens tape not flooring glue. Ravens tape will hold indefinitely even under water.  Flooring glue will break down and no longer hold after a couple of months.


To condition your crawl space we first seal it, and then add 1 ½ inch Thermax insulation board to all of the outside walls.  We then add a 4 inch HVAC vent to add fresh conditioned air.



Mold mitigation


We mitigate mold in crawl spaces and inside your home using Sanidate 5. This product is rated for safe use even in kitchen spaces.

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